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Ever since I was younger, I dreamed of creating, BEAUTIFUL, MEANINGFUL, and POWERFUL content. Pieces of art that would surpass the test of time... Conceptual photography taken to its utmost PINNACLE interlaced with the organic beauties of fashion for its visual AESTHETIC and vibration rather than its BRANDNAME. I want to create art ABOVE AND BEYOND just name brands and hype. I strive to absolutely DECIMATE the boundaries of the current photography industry not only in Vancouver but I aim to create pieces that will remain incomparable on a UNIVERSAL scale. I want to create art WELLING with PASSION that tugs and grips at the emotions of its viewer. The EPITOME of VISUAL ECSTACY. Art that will INSPIRE the next dreamers on this earth.

Why do you wear a mask? Same thing I always say to everyone... Doesn't matter if you are extremely good looking especially in Vancouver, where everyone is a "model"...In a room filled with individuals with godlike looks, basically near perfect models, how do you stand out? For the most part it won't help if you're the slightest bit better looking than the next guy. So I put on a mask. In a room full of models trying to one up each other, you can't miss that badass MF'er in the black mask. Why? Thats why.

- Tristan Daniel Cabida

Creative collaboration Clothing/ styling: un/dead Studios
Model: Tristan Cabida
Photographer: Jordan Ting

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